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About Me

Artist Brenda Wolf poses for a photograph in her Great Falls studio. TRIBUNE PHOTO/LARRY BECKNER

Artist Brenda Wolf poses for a photograph in her Great Falls studio.

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Brenda Wolf is a woman filled with passion and conviction. She likes to shout at the world of her feeling and emotions. And she accomplishes this through the eyes, ears and noses of some of nature’s great creatures. She paints larger than life portraits of animals as diverse as bald eagles, polar bears, grizzly bears, to big horned sheep and majestic horses. These animals are charged with emotions and bursting with personality, whether it’s Brenda’s or the animals no one knows for sure. Perhaps Brenda’s method of NOT using any paint brushes, but only her hands and fingers to capture these expressive, dynamic paintings of pure expression, allows her emotionally charged thoughts to come through each imposing portrait.

“For me painting has and will continue to be my voice. The animal paintings are my visual vocabulary. Through them I can express all of my inner thoughts and feelings. I feel a closeness to each animal; their spirit speaks directly to my soul. Somewhere along the painting process we become one. I convey my inner feelings through their expressive portrait. Each animal represents a completely different emotion for me. I do not always recognize the animal’s purpose at first, but I am compelled to paint the passion and emotion I feel when I think of that particular animal. These chariots of my emotions come to me through dreams and random thoughts. This unique relationship is not bound by time or the number of paintings, but by my commitment to express my true inner self.”

Brenda is originally from New York City. It was the wide-open spaces and the rugged mountains along with the lure of cowboys that drew Brenda to Montana back in 1998. Brenda paints in oils and pastels. Her works are large, which only adds to their bold compelling nature.

Brenda attended Syracuse University for painting and has a BFA from School of Visual Arts in NYC. She has taught painting at Great Falls’ Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art. And she has won numerous awards both national and international for her graphic designs. Brenda Wolf’s paintings cover a diverse group of collectors, from the walls of the CIA in Washington to the west coast, including world-renowned composers and well-known athletes.

Brenda calls Great Falls Montana home, where she paints and lives with her husband and 2 crazy dogs.

Brenda Wolf